What decoration to increase the profitability of its rental?

Your apartment can bring you money! With the news rental platforms short term, you will be able to make profitable the days where your lodging is left vacant. Are you going on a weekend, traveling for business or investing in a rental property? Here are our tips to increase the chances of renting it on Airbnb.

A sober decoration, but current

sober and chic interior design cozy and modern

It is essential for increase the profitability of your rental : leave in place the old-fashioned decoration thinking that it will be enough to attract potential tenants is a mistake. You will be competing with many other renters, who will have taken care to wear a special attention to decorating their property. For users of the platform to want to see your ad, it is imperative that you associate photos that challenge them.

For this, you must absolutely look after the decoration of your interior. Try to get inspiration from decorating magazines to create an apartment that will be attractive. Bet on a sober but elegant decoration. However, it must have a little personality and character. Sober does not mean without relief: we forget too low-end furniture and tired sofas. Also choose accessories that are easy to change in order to to change your decoration without having to ruin each time.

Neutral, but trendy

neutral and chic decoration gray sofa storage wooden shelves floating

It is possible to create a decoration that will remain neutral. By this we mean that we avoid the wallpapers way seventies or objects too connoted. Opt for clear colors and not too loud so that each person can easily project, even for a few days, into your home. Even if it is a vacation, if you had to choose between a rental apartment with a decoration that is envy or a home that gives the impression of being in the 70s, what would you choose?

Guests of these short-term rentals do the same. They go to go to an apartment that makes them want and that is welcoming. Bring a touch of originality by decorating with striking objects, without falling into the totally offbeat. On the walls, choose white, light gray or pastel blue. And to enhance, you can bring a touch of color only on a piece of wall by opting for a color a little stronger.

Create a cocooning atmosphere

indoor light natural light hanging chair deco ceiling beams

It's time to make the difference with other rental ads. When you walk a city all day, you want to land in a nice place, comfortable and that makes you want to share a friendly moment. It is not with some rigid chairs that attracts the client for a rental. Make your apartment cozy with some tips.

Take special care of the salon

The living room is where you spend a lot of time. Pay special attention to this: it is often an element that will determine the choice of one ad rather than another. Opt for a soft and welcoming sofa. If possible select a cheap sofa, which will be convertible to provide additional sleeping in your ad. To make your living room cozy, accessorize it with a nice thick carpet and put matching cushions on your couch.

The trend is to geometric patterns and colorful stylized designs! Arrange candles on a small coffee table and a green plant that will give a vivid touch to your decor. Comfort is what will weigh in the balance when the customer will determine a rental for his vacation or for a weekend. And to give even more desire to relax, add a warm plaid. Passengers will be able to slip under for a comfortable evening.

decoration living room gray sofa gray wood flooring wood suspended ceiling indirect lighting white kitchen

Diversify the light sources

Several light sources are more pleasant than a direct light. When looking for a short-term rental, we are very sensitive to the brightness of an apartment or a house. By multiplying the lamps and lights, you will create a pleasant and comforting atmosphere. So opt for small lamps to be deposited throughout the room. Also bet on candles to give some warmth to the room.

Your decoration must give an impression of vitality and chic. It is by giving the impression that you have given importance to well-being that you will multiply booking requests. Your ad must evoke the sweetness of life, a warm and friendly place like a well-lit sitting area with a beautiful sofa. Not everyone enjoys mopping the house all day, so it may be that the people who are going to rent spend time in your rental. So imagine a place where we would like to stay for several hours.

Think about entertainment and travel tips

You are going to welcome people who do not necessarily know the city or region. Be attentive with a small place for books, travel guides or current magazines (do not leave behind old numbers!). If you find some, buy magazines that concern your city or region. If you have musical instruments like a guitar or a piano, maybe the tenants will appreciateanimate a moment of their day playing some notes.

Also plan games for children or a coloring book. And if it is your home that you rent, there is no need to store all your books in the basement or attic! Visitors will appreciate discovering a small part of your personality through your selection of books. In addition, nothing worse than an empty library on the pictures of an ad … Leaving your books, you show that your apartment or your house are alive.

cozy interior decoration neutral colors

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Plan spaces where people can project themselves

Airbnb users read a lot about comments before deciding. So, think of some important details like being able to leave them a place where they can store their belongings. Some people like being able to get their clothes out of a suitcase or a backpack, so be sure to release some of the closet. Arrange hangers that they can use to smooth their clothes. Also add an iron and a table so that they can heal their appearance.

Similarly, in the bathroomIf your home is rented, try to keep your own products in one place so that tenants feel free to dispose of their own. They must feel a little at home to be comfortable. If you do not want people to have access to all your personal belongings, you can arrange a room that you will close or a closet with a padlock to dispose of your belongings.

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