the company caught in the act

Huawei spying caught in the act

Huawei spying: still a case that will degrade the image of theChinese company and who will give grain to grind to Donald Trump and his administration. According to one of the latest surveys of Wall Street JournalSeveral of the group's employees have been accused of spying for Uganda and Zambia. Using advanced techniques and Israeli software, employees helped African governments monitor the private communications of their political opponents. But then, are China and Huawei involved or not?

Huawei spying: Is China involved?

huawei employees accused of spying for the benefit of

These days are well loaded for the Chinese giant! And even though the Chinese government and company executives have nothing to do with the scandalous affair and were unaware of the actions of these employees, this scandal comes at a crucial time for the Chinese firm, which could to be blocked Android updates after August 19, she reassures its users that after August 19 nothing will change.

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