indispensable parts of the mid-season

fashion autumn 2019 woman essential parts dressing mid season

The fall fashion 2019 woman is here and is cracking fashionistas with a wide range of new trendy looks. So we put beachwear in the closet and we draw the essentials of the mid-season! But what are they? What to wear when the summer is not quite gone and the winter is far from there? In order not to be deceived this year, here are the must-have pieces of the autumn of 2019! Combination pants, XXL tailor, leather, velvet … this is what every fashion lover must have for a successful transition look.

The essential fashion autumn 2019 woman for a perfect mid-season look!

essential fashion autumn 2019 woman to have in dressing mid season

Returning rhymes necessarily with mid-season – and so with shopping! However, the upcoming transition season complicates the choice of a trendy outfit that is adapted to fall temperatures. Warm during the day and cold during the evening, autumn is full of surprises as for the weather! So, if you too are in despair every morning in front of the wardrobe, our next article is for you. Because deep down, who has never hesitated several long minutes in front of his well-furnished wardrobe? To put an end to this nightmare and gain style, fill your wardrobe with essential fashion basics.

pieces must fashion autumn 2019 top looks of transition gives you its list of essential pieces of the season to put your feet in your head. We will go through the XXL check blazer, the pantsuit, the vinyl skirt, the famous "dad shoes", the banana bag or handle, without forgetting the timeless basics like the trench, the white t-shirt and the leather jacket. Once the list of fashion pieces fall 2019 woman to have in your wardrobe done, you can move on to the next step: sorting and tidying up. In this context, here are some tips and tricks on clothes which will be extremely useful in case of damaged or stained clothes.

The XXL blazer

blazer tailor blazer jacket fashion piece oversize fashion autumn mid season

If you follow closely the trends that have marked the last seasons, you have certainly noticed the craze of designers for "oversized" pieces. Jackets, coats, vests, jackets, shirts, t-shirts and pants – they are all concerned! And with that in mind, the men's XXL blazer is to be worn everywhere this fall. With jeans and white sneakers for a casual look every day or with a little black dress for your girlfriend parties, it has it all. Whether plaid or monochrome, it is a must-have piece of the season that every woman must have in her well-appointed dressing room.

The pantsuit

combination pants piece must dressing mid season autumn 2019

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Dresses, belts, skirts and jackets, leather is the other essential for every mid-season outfit that respects itself! Being a key element to a rock silhouette, leather is also very easy to wear. The most daring wear it in total look, while others adopt it sparingly. The safe bet? The leather jacket ensures a smooth transition to the following season. In order not to miss you, choose her "oversized" and accompany her with a pair of black ankle boots and jeans!

As for velvet, he goes away and comes back. We love it and then we hate it. Anyway, this fall we love it! Rich and warm, top, bottom or total look, it will warm and sublimate all silhouettes.

Faux fur now and always!

trend fake fur 2019 fashion essential women

Another indispensable trend regarding fashion fall 2019 woman is no surprise faux fur. Having wreaked havoc for several seasons, she invites herself on all coats and blends perfectly with the oversized trend. If you have not yet invested in a faux fur coat, this is the perfect time to do some shopping.

Indispensable fashion autumn 2019: side shoes

trends shoes fashion essential models fall winter 2019 woman

If summer shoes are a great success, autumn shoes are not left out. Real cozy nest, they will surely keep us warm during the next few months. Boots, boots, XXL sneakers, derbies, waders, babies and moccasins, in the range of essential models that will make the autumn-winter 2019, there will be plenty of choice to put your feet warm.

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