Countermarking decoration in a few ideas to borrow!

Your entrance hall is gray mine and it's high time to revamp. But where to start? If you want to avoid annoying work, why not attack the decor of your staircase and, in particular, that of risers? Imposing, but very often forgotten during a development, the staircase deserves all your attention, because it is one of the key elements of every contemporary interior … not to mention the fact that it is constantly strained between the many passages and the vacuum strokes. Basically, it's an element of your home that you borrow several times a day. And with just a few decorating ideas for risers and a little elbow grease, your staircase can easily be diverted from a simple passageway into a focal point of your interior. Demonstration!

To succeed stair decoration, we put on the decorative riser!

decorating stair risers creative deco ideas without doing too much work

Carpet for stairs, trompe-oeil wallpaper, tiles, stickers or brushstrokes … the ways to customize your staircase to give him a second life without work are many. Declinable and customizable at will, the decoration for risers can give a boost to the banal staircase and tired. The range of ideas is so vast that each of you will find something to satisfy his thirst for creativity and originality. Discover the ideas that we drew you and revise your neglected risers without doing too much!

A few brushstrokes will be enough to customize the banal risers

decorations risers staircase wooden way rug painted

One of the most common approaches to take when renovating stairs is to bet on color. A popular choice for classic interiors is, of course, the natural and clear palette that goes wonderfully well with wooden steps and risers. Beige, light taupe and sand color are among the most popular options that add an unparalleled chic to this part of your home. Relatively affordable, the painting allows for several variations that strike an eye. For example, you can create patterns on walls and risers, using duct tape, or even "paint" a nice carpet on the steps instead of buying one.

deco risers straight staircase in wood gradient effect pastel colors

However, vitamin colors are not banned. If you wish, you can opt for an effect "rainbow" or why not a nice gradient? The mismatched risers do not please everyone, but certainly gives the piece an original look and full of charm at a time! As for those of you with the soul of an artist, enjoy your steps and risers and turn them into a canvas to make several colorful and unique!

Ribbons coated with slate paint

slate paint for stair risers original decor ideas

With the slate paintit is no longer forbidden to write on the walls! This coating allows many fantasies and is particularly suitable for passage rooms, such as the entrance, the hallway and the staircase. As a result, it will easily find its place on your risers. Thanks to the slate painting, you can make drawings or leave small messages for your family. An easy and fun idea that will please everyone in your home.

Give a second life to your forgotten wallpaper falls!

decorative ideas risers wooden staircase paint strokes

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A paint stroke or a few scraps of mismatched wallpaper will be enough to give a new look to your staircase, but to play the card of originality, why not use the decorative masking tape? To stick on the steps and the risers, the washi tape will only put your united staircase in value!

Tile or the big trend of decoration for risers

tiles cement deco stairs risers tiles

Believe it or not, tiling comes out of the kitchen and bathroom to decorate and give life to your risers. To bring the Mediterranean look to the risers of your staircase, stick small ones colored cement tiles. A good alternative to these? Tile imitation stickers with the same range of patterns and colors as the real ones!

A riser decoration ready to glue

adhesive stickers for risers staircase ideas deco easy without doing any work

Just like the wallpaper and the masking tape, adhesive stickers will allow you to customize your risers in two steps and three movements without any headaches and according to your own desires. Geometric patterns, flowers or writing: just paste them, and voila! Indeed, risers are a great support for writing soft words or positive sentences. What to lift your morale every time you go to the top floor!

adhesive stickers custom artistic deco idea for stair risers tired

The installation of stickers is done in a few steps. First of all, it is necessary to clean and dry the laying surface. Flat, strongly scrape the entire sticker to transfer the pattern on the transparent transfer paper. The transfer is carefully separated from the paper. The sticker is placed at the chosen location by scraping strongly and evenly from the center to the outside. Finally, the transfer paper is removed.

More inspiration on the decoration for risers, you will find in our gallery!

Swap the solid stair decoration against a nice gradient effect

renovation stair risers gradient effect

Stairs covered with acrylic sheets

deco stair risers high in color acrylic plate

Trompe-oeil wallpaper

trompe l'oeil wallpaper as original riser decoration

Nothing like geometric patterns to give movement to the stairs!

stickers stair risers original geometric patterns

Carpet, paint or stickers: what decor for you?

carpets stairs paint decals stickers deco colored risers

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