a Scandinavian style relaxation area

If deco and furniture bohemian styles, shabby chic or rustic causes a feeling of lack of air and you find them uninhabitable or inhospitable, then, the ideas and tips below to create a simple bedroom are for you. Goodbye superfluous, hello functionality and organization!

How to create a simple but comfortable bedroom?

single bedroom in Scandinavian style

As we have already talked about the minimalist bedroom decortoday, we will pay particular attention to the Scandinavian style as an alternative or rather a variant of minimalist design. So where to start ?

The characteristics of the style: focus on the palette

single bedroom pink

White is ubiquitous in the Scandinavian designbut not the only one possible. The Nordic tradition usually gives priority to white to ensure maximum brightness during long winters. Fortunately, there are many other pale colors you can choose from. If absolute whiteness is not an acceptable option for you, you can opt for some shade of off-white. Play with gray, beige, ivory, pink or add other neutral colors to your palette.

The contrast

simple bedroom rustic accent

Darker colors such as black and gray are also beginning to appear, providing additional contrast with other elements of the decor. And to "warm up" the cold colors of the palette, add some "warm" color, cushions in coppery orange color or yellow cover. Or a bright color like green, turquoise or purple carpet for example. And here, a good counterpoint to white, black or gray. Beautiful, no?

The lines

single bedroom colors

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The Scandinavian design aims to create a calm and minimalist atmosphere, in harmony with nature. Natural wood is in the spotlight for floors as well as furniture and decorative objects. Beech, ash and pine are particularly popular because of their pale hues.

Topics to focus

bedroom rustic accessories

Other organic materials like wool or stone also offer a touch of elegant simplicity while allowing for varying textures. Do not forget the greenery: plants will beautify the space in addition to adding a good dose of vitality and freshness.

The Nordic look combines the useful and the pleasant, the aesthetic and the functionality. This style is a very good solution for optimizing limited surfaces.

The atmosphere

Scandinavian single bedroom with blue accent

Nothing too much! Get rid of all the furniture you do not need that blocks natural light. This is the golden rule. But simplicity does not exclude comfort. The Scandinavian bedroom is sleek minimalist design, while remaining elegant.

The lighting

single bedroom lighting

And in order not to rhyme neutrality with severity, warm lighting with luminaries in bright colors is recommended in order to counteract the "clinical" or "sterile" impression of such simplicity. Feel free to have several sources of light in the room: a ceiling lamp, bedside lamps … Candles, meanwhile, are a great way to create an inviting and intimate atmosphere.

The accessories

bedroom accessories vintage

You have great freedom to choose accessories: vintage, rustic, industrial or other style, it's up to you. The bedroom is your personal space, do not be afraid to customize it to get the best result and turn it into your bubble of relaxation, serenity and well-being. Thanks to the essential rules we have given you, you have everything you need for a Scandinavian interior of your bedroom.

Now we invite you to consult the gallery of images we have prepared for you and we hope you find inspiration.

bedroom accent dark color

white bedroom

copper bedroom

bedroom deco scandinavian

bedroom lighting

Scandinavian bedroom cover yellow

Scandinavian bedroom idea

single bedroom with Scandinavian design lighting

elegant single bedroom

irresistible Scandinavian design

Scandinavian style bedroom

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