30 deco ideas for the teen room that will crack your girls and boys!

You're about to set up or remake your teen's room, but you're running out of teenage room decorating ideas? Certainly, the transition from a child's room to a teenager's room is not always easy! What is more, if thelayout of the children's room was considered child's play, decorating a teen piece is a much more subtle mission to lead. As you grow older, your children begin to express their opinions on many issues and certainly want a little change in their room. That's why, the editorial team has selected 30 creative teen rooms to steal to create a space just for them. From the teenager bedroom decor to the modern teenager bedroom, to the Scandinavian teenage bedroom, Japanese and urban style … we have everything on the subject!

What furniture for teen girl and boy room to choose?

decorating ideas teen girl and boy room

Whether it is a 12m2 teen room or a large teen room, its decor is as important as that of the adult room ! But between childhood and adolescence, teenagers change their minds every two seconds and are, in most cases, difficult to follow. Consequently, it's the same for the decoration of their room. The latter usually requires three distinct corners, one dedicated to rest, the other to reading and finally the one devoted to leisure. The place must therefore include a 2-seater bed, a practical desk and a corner that looks like a living room distinguished by a patterned teen room mat and a cute teen design sofa. Moreover, the sofa can play without any problem the role of a second bed.

Inspiration Teen Room Boy Wall Deco Teenager Skateboard

So that the bedroom furniture is current as long as possible, it is convenient to opt for the simple design and clean lines of modern appearance. Remember that the simplest things often turn out to be the best. Do not try to perfectly match the different furniture and colors in the room. Instead, create an atmosphere that invites not only work, but fun and creativity as well.

How to paint the teen girl and boy room?

decorating ideas room teen girl cushion room teen girl blue room for girl

As for the color for teen room and the style of the decor, let your kids' imagination be the haunt. Exit the themed children's room with all his wallpapers and ridiculous coverings. In the teen room, simplicity and style are honored! If your daughter creaks, for example, for bright, vibrant tones, why not give her a wall of color of her preference? Ditto for the wall decor teen boy room. For admirers of pastel colors in decorationThese are perfect for structuring the room and making it more modern and mature. Yellow, gray, pink, green … even blue is not excluded from the wish list of girls.

Wall of photos teen room

ikea bedroom teen wall of photos bedroom teen wall tag for bedroom

Finally, the color of teen room is not only for the wall decor. Bed linens, carpets, cushions, lamps and furniture are also worthy of a boost, if your teenager wants to keep her white walls. To personalize these without damaging them, opt for a wall tag for bedroom or create a pretty wall of decorative frames ! A nice DIY wreath of Polaroid photos will be just as good.

Slate painting for a cool boy teen room!

teenage room trend idea painting bedroom teen slate

To sublimate your walls, there are not only the vitaminized colors and the paintings! Another idea for wall decor teen room Maybe you find this idea a bit odd since, normally, black is not preferred when it comes to a room. To delight young and old adventurers, the slate painting comes out of the room of the little ones and is invited now in the teenage room by diverting the walls in enormous fantastic canvases. Roller effect or total look, the slate paint goes with all styles and, in particular, with the Scandinavian style. In addition, the slate wall is customizable at will. You can draw without fear of damaging it.

Teen original bed in wooden pallets

furniture for bedroom teen bed 2 places teen sofa teen design in wooden pallets wall tag for bedroom

Everyone is crying for wooden pallet furniture. Modern and 100% DIY, they exude charm and authenticity and have the ability to adapt to most styles, not to mention that you can customize and revamp as you see fit. Widely used in the adult bedroom, the pallet bed is also welcome to the Scandinavian teen room. So, do not hesitate and succumb to the charm of the DIY trend by making a bed 2 places original teen and recycle. A few wooden pallets, a simple mattress and voila! For a sofa bed Teen Design, trade the mattress against lots of bed bases!

Loft bed for a space saving teen room

teen girl room small space bed 2 places teen mezzanine with storage under bed

Running out of ideas on the small bedroom layout? The mezzanine bed comes to your rescue! As an integral part of the child's bedroom decor, it will find its place very easily in the teen room. Just as suitable for the teen girl room as for the small boy room, this bed can sleep in two and enjoy each square meter without risk of clutter. Another idea similar to the one before to optimize the little boy or girl teenager room, is to make the most of the free space under the bed by integrating several niches and practical storage to store multiple objects.

Teen Boy Room Wall Decor for Music Fans

decoration wall bedroom teen room vintage teen boy

Your teenager craves for rock'n'roll? So, nothing like to conceive a vinyl storage original! It's up to your boy to choose the alignment of the black circles to highlight the color of the walls. Clipped in a falsely confused way, the vinyls destructure the space for a guaranteed graphic effect! Ordered or aligned impeccably, they will emphasize the purity of the room by creating a feeling of grandeur.

Decoration room football theme

Deco bedroom theme foot furniture bedroom teen

Children and teenagers to admire football are numerous! To offer them the dream room, we put an atmosphere on the theme of football! A carpet in the shape of a field, decorative cage, bed linen in the colors of your kid's favorite team, etc … let the imagination guide you!

Teen girl design girl with hammock hanging chair

teenage room contemporary spirit vintage with hammock interior bedroom teen girl design

To rest or read his favorite book, the hammock will certainly please your teenager! Ergonomic and space saving, the indoor hanging chair sneaks around and invites herself perfectly into the little boy and girl teen room.

Teen girl vintage room with a canopy

wall decor bedroom teen girl canopy bed bedroom vintage teen

The four poster bedIt's often a girl's dream! However, this does not mean that there is no room in the teen room. An inexpensive, but crazily charming, the canopy will make the sleeping corner a modern day princess bed. Timeless and chic, it is also very easy to customize, according to the wishes of your daughter. Luminous garlands, wall decoration with Polaroid photos, wall tags, etc … the choice is certainly not lacking!

Bed 2 places for a 16 year old boy

bed 2 places bed original teenager DIY balloon shuttlecock wall decor teenager bedroom

An Ikea teen bedroom decor in gray and white

ikea teen bedroom deco teen room black and white

Teen bedroom inspiration: dare the slate ceiling!

inspiration teen room decorating idea teen boy room ceiling slate

A beautiful girl room in the style "girly"

Scandinavian deco Teen girl room

Teen boy room decor gray and green


Teen boy vintage room in gray and white

bedroom vintage teen boy gray bedroom boy teen

Cool Baseball Teen Room

cool room for teen theme baseball tag wall ideas deco rooms teen wall deco bedroom teen

inspiration room teen cool scandinavian decoration wall camber table

Teen boys room shared with loft bed

teen boys room with loft bed decoration bedroom boy football

Small scandinavian teen room for boys

little teen boy room scandinavian

Ceiling in slate paint and furniture room boy reclaimed

recu furniture for teen room idea painting teen room for ceiling painting slate

Teen girls room shared with a desk area above the bed

teen office ikea corner office girl teen girl room teen girls

Bedroom furniture boy mismatched

teen room gamer furniture room boy model room for teen boy

Design corner sofa and floor cushions for a loft spirit

teenager room trend teenager sofa desing hammock and cushion room teenager girl

Contemporary teen room with vintage touches

the most beautiful room in the world for teenager

Teen pink and gray room

cute-girl-room-decorating-bedroom-teenagers-for-beds-teenage-cool-idea-teens-decorate-ideas-paint-teen-girls rooms

Teenager sofa bed girl design

inspiration bedroom girl canape bedroom teen girl

Deco bedroom boy boy blue, gray and yellow

deco teen boy room blue gray yellow teen boy room modern

Another deco idea theme room football to steal

decoration football room teen boy real madrid

Deco teen boy room gray for sliding fans

teen boy room decor gray boy room boy 16 years old wall deco teen boy room original skateboard

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